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the magic beyond the glass 


Hello, I’m Katie, Winefairy and I love wine. 


For me wine is so much more than what is in the bottle. It’s the stories beyond the glass, the people, the vineyards, the secrets of the cellar. It’s the culture, the history and the joy that wine brings. It’s the emotion, the beauty and the magnificent scenery. Wine is a magical experience. Well it can be, if you let it.


I’m passionate about demystifying the mysteries of wine and sharing joy, knowledge and laughter with anyone who’s willing to join me. Wine Fairy as a business started in 2009. I’ve dedicated my life to learning about wine and through my studies and 27 years of experience in hospitality, food and wine, I love to taste, learn and laugh about everything wine, travel and food.


I have a few qualifications too, my knowledge isn’t all from personal experience. I’m certified as a Sensorial Wine Judge and Garagiste winemaker by the University of Stellenbosch, I hold a Diploma in Wine from the Cape Wine Academy, a Diploma in Catering Management from the Technikon Witwatersrand Hotel School, a pre-MBA from Stellenbosch University Executive Business School and I’m a certified Tourist guide in South Africa. I’m still learning almost every day, as each glass has something new to offer. 


Join me? 

Cheers, clink, clink 🍷 - Katie xxx


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